Large selection of natural supplements and alternative remedies for pets
Burlington's First and Largest Raw Only Pet Store
Proudly offering only Canadian products
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Welcome to Bones Pet Boutique ®

In business since 2001, we have coached and mentored every client in the transition to a raw, species appropriate, natural and healthy diet.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • 10% off all store items for the first 7 days of every month. Only in store
  • 10% off Tuesday senior day.
  • Proudly offering only Canadian products
  • As the leader of raw pet food in Burlington, many products are exclusive to Bones, including Big Box Dinners
  • Over 15 years of experienced, knowledgeable staff
  • Start-up kits available to new clients complete with learning guide, food container and food sample
  • Large selection of natural supplements and alternative remedies for pets

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Cats on the roof
My Shih Tzu Lucy has a congenital heart defect and is on 3 different meds daily. Since the summer of 2012 she has been on this food and has turned into a puppy! I’ve also been singing your praises to our vet and other dog owners. She’s also very fussy and loves this food.
The staff at Bones Pet Boutique always make themselves available to help, educate and troubleshoot any nutritional questions. Their personal service consistently is a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the great service!
Just took my two Shelties, River and Jackson to the groomer who commented that usually Shelties have bad doggy breath! She commented that both my dogs who are almost 6 and 7 years old have a very clean, sweet, puppy breath. Much nicer for kisses! What I appreciate also is the saving on vet bills for teeth cleaning, and allows for a much easier yard clean up!